A New Year = A New Year To Be Creative

With a new year, I want to create art in new and creative ways. So lets celebrate this new year with photography, animation, cinematography, storytelling, drawing, and instagraming. I’m excited to create art in new ways that will push my boundaries and hopefully will bless each and everyone of ya’ll.

1/365 my first photoshoot with my new DSLR sold to my by Linhao.

DSC_8688 DSC_8696 DSC_8703 DSC_8715 DSC_8716

Thank you to Alison for teaching me the basics and bearing with me as I take millions of photos so I can learn what I’m doing.

DSC_8717 DSC_8718DSC_8736 DSC_8748

Let’s take more pictures in the future!


As we celebrate a great 2014, we walk with excitement into 2015 knowing there is so much more in store for us.

Why I Love Working With InterVarsity

I have been working with InterVarsity/USA for 3 months now. I can’t believe the end of my first semester is approaching. As I sit here on my prayer day I am reminded of when I made the decision to be a ministry intern. In a few months, I will be making another decision to either stay with InterVarsity/USA or not. However today I get to celebrate 5 reasons why I love working with InterVarsity/USA.

We Do Cross Cultural Ministry

I love how InterVarsity/USA values multiethnicity and ethnicity identity.  Through InterVarsity, I was able to finally say that I love being an Asian American, especially, an Asian American Christian. On the InterVarsity’s website it states, “It is our hope that as we pursue this vision and this task, that InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA would be a strong voice and example of a diverse and reconciled community which demonstrates the love of Christ – that all may see the power of Christ and His Gospel alive in us.” Here at UT Austin, I get to be a part of the diverse community, where I get to walk alongside my Latino, African, South Asian, East Asian brothers and sisters. For example, being a part of InterVarsity means that we get stand with our African American brothers and sisters as we see injustices in the black community specifically what we have seen in Ferguson. Being a part of InterVarsity means that we get to serve those who identifies with same sex attraction and those who identify themselves in the LGBTQ community.  The best thing about cross cultural ministry is that people are reached by the love of God who might otherwise be ignored.

We Raise Support

So we are in the midst of fall retreat planning and I feel like half of fall retreat planning is trying to figure out how to deal with money. Even though, it would be easier for us to have a bank account that is filled with an unending amount of money. I am thankful that God shows us that He is the one who provides for us. I am thankful that I get to ask ministry partner to walk alongside of us financially . I am thankful that we are constantly in a state where have to ask God to provide for us. So yes, I am freaking out how we are going to pay for fall retreat, however I am also incredibly thankful that God has been faithful to us and will continue to be faithful to us. I am reminded of one statement that was said at our training on ministry partnership development, “When we ask for our potential partners to partner with us, we aren’t on our knees begging, we get to proudly stand up and invite people to partner with us.” So even in the midst of fall retreat craziness, I am not begging for money but I am asking people to do ministry with me and excited to share with them how they were able to be part of the work that God was doing on the UT campus.

Everyone Here Is Passionate About Their Job

Everyone on InterVarsity staff is here because they believe in God’s vision to see students and faulty transformed, the campus renewed, and world changers developed. I get to see staff work crazy hours, serve at a two week camp, care for students who deal with brokenness, work with students who are displaced, raising funds for their paycheck and they do it with joy. I hear my roommates talk about how their coworkers hate their jobs and can’t wait to find another company. A coworker of mine committed to serve with InterVarsity till Spring 2016. So if I end up committing four more years serving with InterVarsity, it will be because I believe that God has called me to be a part of what He is doing on the college campus and it will be done with joy.

I Am Learning Everyday

If I’m not learning something everyday, I am not working. This job has me doing things that I never done before. It had to ranged from learning how to cook dinner for 12 people to learning how to walk along with someone who dealt with abuse. I graduated from UT last May but I still feel like a student and I realized that I will never stop being a student. It is incredibly humbling knowing that there is much to learn. Even though this is 10 years too late, I am learning how to write. So within the last few months I have learned how to use After Effects to make create a animation, how to speak to students about loving the LGBTQ community, how to host a large group for the UTIV community of 500 people. Excited to see what else is in store for me!

I Help Others Do Ministry

Yesterday I met up with a student who has been planting a small group in a Asian American organization. She stated, “As a freshmen, I never thought I would be doing this, and now as a Junior it’s ACTUALLY happening!” So I get to walk along students as they get excited about sharing the gospel and seeing the gospel work. I’m so thankful that its not just me trying to love the Asian American population on the UT campus, but that my ministry is doing it with me. I get to walk along students as they are excited to see how the gospel transforms their friend’s lives. Everyday I see students taking risk for the gospel and they get to see how powerful the gospel truly is.

So yea, I have been here for 3 months there is a lot more to be had.


I have officially grown up through social media. I am no longer @jkwan31. Some of my friends might remember my earlier screenname @fongpay31. For my non-canto friends, fong pay means fart. Yes I did make my aim screename when I was 6th grade… and yes I thought I was the coolest kid on the block.

So now that I’m branded well. Welcome to my new website friends. Here I will rant about design, ministry, life and about good conversations. Hopefully my grammar will improve.